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1: TEFL Certification

International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT) is among the world's largest TESOL/TEFL certificate course providers and has graduated more than 107,000 teachers since 1997. We offer the opportunity to take an internationally recognized certificate program in an interesting and exotic location abroad or online.
Choosing a TEFL/TESOL training course can be a daunting task, which is why we offer several components unique on the international TEFL market. As you will see in more detail on the ITTT website, the hours of observed teaching practice to local, non-native English speakers during our in-class courses is exceptionally high.
Key Facts - TEFL/TESOL courses

3: Online TEFL/TESOL Certification Courses

Our online TEFL/TESOL course is entirely based on distance learning. It can either be taken with the assistance of a personal tutor or completely without tutor assistance. The fundamental nature of the online course is that there is no time spent physically in the classroom or with a tutor face to face. You will, however, through the use of two online videos be able to benefit from seeing actual teaching of English as a foreign/second language taking place. This course is provided for those students who neither have the time and/or finances to attend a course on site but who still wish to obtain our internationally renowned TEFL certificate. The essential benefit that this particular course provides is that it is designed to be affordable to those who wish to take the course externally according to their own time constraints and at their own leisure.

5: Combined TESOL Certification Courses

Combined TEFL courses bring together the best facets of the TEFL online and in-class TEFL certification courses. The theory and method of TEFL online are studied within your own time frame. This is followed by attendance for one or two weeks at one of our Combined Course training facilities to gain practical classroom experience in teaching English. Combined courses are for those who do not appreciate the intensive nature of the longer four week residential course, but would like to gain some practical experience of teaching English as they learn. Students who attend these courses may also not have the time to attend a four-week residential course. The Combined TEFL course includes all the components of an in class course and therefore provides full TESOL certification.

2: Why choose an ITTT TEFL/TESOL course?

The majority of employers require job applicants to have at least a 120-hour TEFL certificate or a 250-hour TEFL diploma. We can provide both of these and more.
Unlike many other TEFL/TESOL course providers, ITTT provides ongoing job assistance at no additional cost.
International TEFL and TESOL Training, unlike many other TEFL/TESOL course companies, provide graduates with an actual high-quality, hard-copy of their certificate.
You can choose to complete our online TEFL courses with or without tutor support. Our highly skilled and experienced online TEFL tutors are available throughout each course to answer questions and to offer feedback and suggestions for future improvement.

4: In-class TESOL Certification Courses

Our in-class TESOL courses are based entirely at one of our international training facilities. Throughout the duration of the course you will be encouraged to teach English to real students on a practical level in the classroom. These courses are full time and last nearly four weeks. Our training facilities are based in a large number of varied and interesting places worldwide including Thailand, Egypt, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Argentina, Costa Rica, England, USA, Italy, Spain, France and the Czech Republic. This particular type of TESOL certification is for those applicants who wish to learn the TEFL principles, methods and application by teaching English in a practical, on site environment with professional support and supervision. Each and every practice session is overseen by our professionally qualified teacher training staff. This enables us to provide you with positive feedback and management of your progression through the course at every step.

6: Advanced/Specialised TEFL courses

In addition to the above courses, we also provide a range of more advanced and specialised qualifications for teaching English as a foreign/second language. Such qualifications are usually suited to those individuals who may have teaching qualifications in other areas or have existing experience in the teaching field. Our courses falling under this heading include: teaching English to young learners (CTEYL) and specialised certification in teaching English for business (CTBE). These courses are both 50 hours in length and are online based so no classroom attendance is required. The TEFL diploma is the most advanced TEFL qualification we offer. It is a 250-hour, exclusively online, advanced level course which follows on from the TEFL certification course. We have also developed unique TEFL course packages getting you an even greater edge compared to other applicants. These include the 220-hour Master Package and the 470-hour Professional Package.

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